Custom Bikes

Make a statement with your very own Svelto Bike; perfectly designed to meet your every need. Whether you are after a one-of-a-kind design or a corporate fleet, every Svelto Bike is meticulously hand crafted in Perth, Western Australia using local and imported goods. 

Easy step-by-step process

Choose your model

Traditional or Urban

Choose your colour

Bike frame, chain, wheels, spokes. The colour of all these items and more are entirely up to you

Choose your accessories

Wooden crate, front basket, bike seat, bells, clocks, smart phone docks etc. Choose what you love and remove what you don't.

Call us to place your order

(08) 6244 4340

Choose Your Colour

In addition to our default colours we have an arrange of additional colours, which are available upon request. Get creative and mix several colours together to create a bike that is truly unique. Default colours include Matte Black, Matte White, Tiffany Blue, Lime Green, Sky Blue. 





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