Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your Bikes?
Includes everything – the battery box, battery, choices in frame style and colour. Choices in accessories – Seat, handle bars, hand grips, bell, phone holder.
We set everything up on the bike to suit you.

How long will the bike last?
We have a 25 year Design Philosophy.
Thinking of a second car? How about an electric bike?

The Battery?
The battery will last more than 1500 to 3000 cycles after which it's range reduces.
The cycle refers to the complete discharge and charge of the battery.
In our trials the bike battery will need a charge every 80 km. Depending on amount of effort you put in yourself and how many hills there are!
For many commuters, 80 km equates to more than 5 trips between home and work and return, for a week before it needs charging.
Depending on use, we expect the battery to be charged at least once per week.

We offer a 2 year standard warranty including the battery. Excludes fair wear and tear.
Extended Warranty
We offer an extended warranty excluding consumables.
Cost is $100 per year. A two year extended warranty would be $200
Includes battery replacement at cost.

How do I purchase a bike?
Our ride before you buy policy.
Register your interest on our web page
Book a test ride
Choose your bike
Payment by Payment Plan, Credit card or Cash (EFT)
We deliver to you
We call you in 1 month for a maintenance check.
We call you in 6 months for a maintenance check.

Do we offer Bike Services?
You can book your bike in for a Service any time and we will check everything. Diagnose any problems and inform you of anything that needs correcting on the bike.

Can we retro fit?
Yes we can, cost is approximately $1500.00


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